Factors To Consider While Choosing Wigs for Cancer Patients

Life isn't easy when you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. As you undergo the treatment and cope with the several challenges that this medical condition brings along, you must remain strong. Cancer treatment has its share of side effects, with hair loss during chemotherapy being one of them. You usually notice hair loss a few weeks after your first dose of chemotherapy, and it can be emotionally draining.  

Looking at yourself in the mirror as the loss of hair serves as a daily reminder of your medical condition. While this hair loss is temporary, and you will experience fresh growth upon recovery, dealing with hair loss after all the emotional upheaval during cancer is not easy. Hair is an important part of your appearance and self-esteem. At Topee, we understand these emotions and bring the best wigs for cancer patients.  

Wigs for cancer patients are more than just a beauty enhancer, as is the case with people who have gone bald or have a thinning hairline. A wig can serve as a confidence booster during such trying times in your life and let you maintain a sense of normalcy when the illness and medication take a toll on you emotionally. You must choose the right hair wigs for cancer patients to gain confidence as you undergo the treatment. Let us walk you through some of the most important factors you must consider to find the best wigs for cancer patients. 


Comfort and Wig Material

Comfort is the most important factor when choosing a wig, and it is more so when you are battling such a serious illness. Doctors advise human hair wigs for cancer patients over synthetic wigs. While synthetic wigs are cheaper, they don't offer the same comfort as real human hair wigs. Secondly, you must consider the cap, which attaches the wig to your scalp and is important for your comfort. Cheaper wigs tend to have issues with breathability and can cause irritation and heat around the scalp. As someone who is under medication, this can cause a lot of discomfort. Hence, you must insist on a quality cap that maintains normal temperature around your scalp and keeps you comfortable. 


Custom Fit

As one of the most trusted names for human hair wigs for cancer patients, we understand the importance of the right fit. You may not always get the perfect hit if you pick a wig from the shelf. A well-fitting wig reduces discomfort and, at the same time, does away with the chances of the wig shifting or slipping. An ill-fitting wig can hurt your self-confidence and can attract insensitive remarks from others. We understand this and offer custom-fitted wigs based on the size and dimensions of your scalp. Our custom-fit wigs provide the best fit. They help you achieve a seamless appearance and boost your confidence.  


Natural Look

When choosing a wig while undergoing treatment, you aren't likely to be interested in a dramatic overhaul of your looks. In most cases, you'd want to achieve the same look as you had before diagnosed your condition and starting the treatment. Hence, we recommend you consider the wig's colour, texture, and density and ensure it matches your natural hair as closely as possible. Doing so helps you maintain your pre-treatment appearance, which can be comforting during a difficult time. You can bring us your old photographs; our experts will help you choose the right wig to match your old appearance.  


Styling Options

One of the best ways to overcome emotional distress during cancer is to live your life fully. Why not make a style statement with your hair and attract comments from others about your looks rather than sympathy for your medical condition? Why not post those inspiring images on your social media handles that make you happy? Our entire range of human hair wigs for cancer patients offers styling options. You can have different looks with the same wig, making you more confident while dealing with your illness.  


Maintenance and Care

Human hair wigs require more care and maintenance compared to synthetic wigs. However, not all wigs are made in the same way, and high-quality wigs are easier to maintain. As one of the leading names for the best real hair wigs for cancer patients in Bangalore, we will help you choose wigs that are easier to maintain. You can do regular maintenance at your home while our experts are there to offer you extensive maintenance and care services to extend the durability of your wigs and retain their elegant appearance.  

To conclude, these are the most important factors when choosing wigs for cancer patients. Please remember that choosing the right wig can significantly impact your journey during these trying times. Our wigs help you maintain normalcy in your lives and give you the confidence to deal with the challenges you face during your treatment. It is an important investment during your treatment and can do a world of good to your confidence.   

At Topee, we are the leading name for human hair wigs for cancer patients in Bangalore and nearby areas. Our experts will stand by your side and help you choose wigs that boost your confidence. To learn more, call us at 09353588890. To buy a hair system in Bangalore, visit TOPEE in Kodihalli
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