About Us

Welcome to Topee - Your Trusted Partner in Hair Solutions

At Topee, we recognize the difficulties that come with hair loss. We know how it feels to lose a part of your personality and to search for treatments without any guarantee. We also acknowledge your need for privacy, care, and guidance when searching for a solution.

At Topee, we understand you.

We understand the difficulty of hair loss because it’s personal to us. The story of Topee began with a personal issue faced by our founder.

Our founder struggled with baldness at the young age of 21. After being unsatisfied with conventional treatments—from laser treatments to homeopathy—he tried wearing a hair system as a last resort - and he has never looked back since.

But our founder’s journey with hair systems wasn’t smooth sailing either. Although some hair systems worked fine, the vague and inconsistent pricing made buying a hair system too time-consuming.

He also found it stressful to search for the right hair system due to the lack of guidance. Not to mention, he was never satisfied with the limited cuts and styles available to him.

Upon speaking to others who also suffer from baldness, he realised that their journeys were very similar to his. People often tried saving their hair using conventional treatments. For some people, these treatments work. But for others, they don’t.

After learning about the shared experiences of those struggling with hair loss, our founder recognised the crucial need for a more reliable solution. It was this realisation that inspired him to create Topee.

Being bald does not mean the end. Many individuals remain confident despite hair loss, and we applaud their attitude! However, Topee’s goal is to provide options for individuals who are concerned and want to do something about their condition.

At Topee, we aim to empower individuals by redefining the process of availing hair restoration solutions. We want to build genuine relationships with our clients by providing transparent pricing and extensive care and support throughout the whole process.

We offer a wide range of hair restoration products in various colours and styles, all made with 100% natural export-grade human hair. We also provide effective hair solutions for women, like hair extensions, full wigs, hair toppers, and more.

At Topee, we’re committed to providing reliable solutions to hair loss. We provide natural-looking hair systems for men and premium-quality hair products for women, along with transparent pricing and top-notch service.

For a revitalised look and boosted confidence, you can visit us for a FREE CONSULTATION at Topee’s hair studio located in Kodihalli, near Indira Nagar, Bangalore.